Monday, December 10, 2012

Pacquiao's Loss is another one's Gain

Manny Pacquiao was lost, defeated, a loser.

Filipinos were really shocked to see MP, on laid flat on the canvas 'almost slept for 2 minutes' against Juan Manuel Marquez on their 12 round Welterweight non titled fight (whew!) but the knock-out was, as sports commentators and journalists called 'picture perfect.'

Now the rant begins, here are the reasons why Manny Pacquiao lost the fight. From the logical, to the absurd, and outright crazy. Here it is below, and tell me which one it is the true reason why Pacman lost:

1. Pacquiao was overconfident (he said it himself), didn't check the time, and just jabbed all his way inside without thinking the JMM is a counter-puncher (that is someone punches him first then he punches back). As a champion, he must learn to exercise restraint and build up power, after all, he is leading from the last 6 rounds. He forgot to protect his chin also - which is a big no-no.

2. JMM was lucky. He was at the right moment and position. A true sign of a good boxer that every opportunity must be taken quickly. Even boxing analysts and the foreign press thinks the same way. 

3. MP changed religions. He was Catholic before and became a born-again Protestant pastor. This was told by Pacman's mother. Because of continuous bible studies even at night by the pastors of his new religion, his health was not in tip-top shape and lost.

4. MP did not wear the rosary he used to wear on his previous fights. And he did not perform the sign of the cross.

5. JMM stepped on his foot again. Causing Pacquiao to look down and therefore giving the knock out punch.

6. JMM was under the influence of PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs) and JMM's coach has been notorious for this and used it against other athletes.

7. MP concentration with boxing was disrupted because of his other activities. He is also known as a pastor, game show host,  politician,  product endorser, a businessman,  a father, and possibly more. 

So that's what I could think of. If you have more, please post it on the comments below.

On this fight, Pacquaio's loss is another one's gain. Maybe a little bit for JMM, but to the people of the whole world and to the Philippines. Pacquiao did a great job on bringing honor to Filipinos - WIN OR LOSE.

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