Friday, October 14, 2011

Death of a vicious, mean, angry dog - Bubbles

It is hard to discuss death especially to young children. We cannot lie that 'they are sleeping' or 'they went to heaven.'

We have to accept death as a journey, it is what Steve Jobs have said, that it is a destination we share in the end.

Let me tell you the death of one of our family, her name is Bubbles (named after our favorite character from the Powerpuff Girls), our dog. She is vicious, mean, and scares the shit out of everyone who comes near our gate. She is a Rottweiler by the way.

Our family has always been a pet lover, we had dogs, cats, fishes, birds, and rabbits. We were fascinated by them, as they are cute and cuddly. We feed them, clean them, and their cages.

But we take care of our dogs the most. They are the ones who is more vocal, more lively, and importantly, more useful. Thieves has been lurking in our neighborhood in the early days up to now. And the best way to prevent them is to have a dog.

But we bought not just any dog, we bought breeds that are known to protect its masters to the extreme - that is why we chose German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Dobermans, and lastly, Rottweilers.

Bubbles, has shown extreme dedication even she is young. She barked immediately to strangers, she loves to play harshly, and we had our share of bites, cuts and bruises. She loves to exercise, but sometimes, when her leash snaps because of her great strength, she escapes and much to our horror that she may bite someone. But she just wants to explore, and we catch her back by using the 'choke chain' or doing the 'headlock'. We bought a real heavy duty 'chain' used in chain blocks to securely leash her.

She even bit me once, as she did not recognize my 'smell' (I was in abroad for a year), she was silent for a while, but when I reached for her head, she bit me. Luckily I took it away, or else I may not have a job anymore, it was my right hand too.

Her food is quite expensive. Sometimes we buy some left over beef ribs for her at the market, she loves this, together with the adult dog food. She suffered a mild insect infestation before on her skin, but was cured immediately by frequent baths and cleaning of her cage.

One thing we do not forget always is, she is telling us that she is hungry by barking. Her bark is so loud that sometimes the neighbors are angry. It can be heard 5 blocks away. So we keep a stock of her food always.

Everything is fine and all, but she has reached her limit. She is 11 years old. Our vet told that Rottweilers live for about 7-8 years. Our Bubbles did not bear any offspring, as she is always on guard protecting our home.

So Bubbles, wherever you are, now you are free. You can now be vicious and mean, and bite those bad people off, you are now free to do so. We're sorry sometimes we can't feed you on time, or we don't clean your cage immediately. We always remember that you are happy when you see us coming, asking for food, asking us to play, or just a simple pat on the head.

Thank you for guarding our home Bubbles. You can now rest.

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