Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anatomy of an Overseas Filipino Worker (cont. 2)


Now this one is a little morbid (if you are eating, please do not read this story).

Filipinos are compulsive gamblers. They gamble on everything that gives random results (I remember before that me and my classmates used to gamble using 'Lucky 9' by checking the license plates of oncoming vehicles.)

I will make this story short as I do not know how to write in a shocking or dramatic sort of way. One Filipino made himself a lottery 'banker' (one who buys prizes and gives out the numbers for betting) to earn some extra money. After the results were drawn (results are based on Thailand Lottery), he saw that one Pakistani guy won the prize. For whatever weird or crazy reason, he doesn't like that another nationality will take the prize, he wants only his fellow 'kabayan.' to win the prize. He and his friends beat the Pakistani guy, they chopped his body in small pieces, put it in a freezer, cooked, and ate it.

This cannibalistic fiasco has been the gossip and buzz from every expatriate I have talk to. Even my boss asked me "Do you Filipinos do that? You eat dogs right? How is human flesh?"

There is more, I told this story to a taxi driver, and he was glad to add more to the story as he is a nurse (wtf! times are hard these days). The Filipino cannibals went to the hospital as their stomach are in pain. Upon analysis of the doctors, they found out that they ate human flesh. The hospital staff called the police and caught the cannibals. Their fate is now unknown.


Now this story gives a lot of smile instead of pity. There was this Filipino technician who serviced an air conditioning unit in a tall building. When he entered on a bedroom, a beautiful lady tried to seduced the Filipino. He was reluctant at first but the woman, who was so pretty, she tried to make advances like holding his d**k, and a lot of that. The Filipino can't take it anymore so he went for it - he had sex with a foreign woman.

After they finished, the Filipino wanted to leave the premises. The woman told that he cannot leave. Suddenly, the dressers and cabinets opened which was full of women! They also wanted to have sex with the Filipino. Of course he cannot because he was still 'tired' with the first one. The women became upset and they beat him, and thrown him out of the building.

Well. Those are some of my stories. Hope you enjoyed it. I can write more, if I remember some of them. You can share if you like.

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