Friday, October 7, 2011

Philippines: 10, 20, 50 years from now (cont 3...)

There will be a time of civil war. All Filipinos will try to kill each other. All businesses will turn their backs away.
Everything will be in ruins. But some still remained, especially major companies from Japan and USA.

There will be extreme chaos all around. China will step in, as well as Americans. Some Filipinos will try to fight them off, but when offered asylum to their respective countries, they did not fight them anymore. Pathetic indeed.

A major earthquake may come on June, some few hundred people may die.

Increase in water level is also a concern, and fishing will be a great business venture.

Traffic will still be a problem, no one has ever solved it. Pollution will be on an all time high, and gas prices seem to soar in the sky. People will now opt to stay at their workplaces to save on transportation fares and traffic jams that waste time. People will learn to work online.

In the end, the Philippines will not change for many years. It will still be the same third world country that everyone has spitted and enjoyed on. It is open, it is adaptable, lazy, but can be developed.

I do not see any major thing that will happen. If some Filipinos will die, it is replaced immediately by 'baby-makers' who make babies just for fun and continue to increase the population. The government will be lax on this one, and they even encourage to produce more offspring - as this - they told - will be cheap and docile labor to the investors and bring more money to the economy.

As for me, I will die, and give this burden to my son. Hope he may do something about it, it is up to him if he will make the Philippines prosperous, or a failure.

*** END ***

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