Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Think Differently' My letter to Steve Jobs

First of all, when you say 'Apple', the name Steve Jobs comes in second.

I do not know him in any way, but whenever I see Apple products on the store, I really do think Steve Jobs invented and reinvented these wonderful gadgets. 

Frankly speaking I cannot afford one. Seeing my friends and strangers have one, or any Apple related gadget/device seems like I was left behind in this fast paced world. I know there is something special behind it, aside from being regarded as an 'elite', you are also hip, cool, and more importantly, Apple owners know more about computers than anyone else.

The beautiful operating system has enchanted me a lot. Steve has put his heart in his creations. He thought differently, it shows in the products.

To the bereaved family, my deep condolences. I may not be an Apple fan, but somehow, somewhere, Steve's vision and leadership has inspired me, and countless others. 

Thank you for letting us 'think differently.'

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