Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Philippine Judiciary: A whole lot of grease-money

With all the hoopla around Corona's impeachment and the 'stop work' or 'sit-down' strike of its supporters, no wonder the Philippine Judiciary system is in shambles. Corona is known as a 'midnight appointee', quickly put or placed by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as Chief Justice.

Now, this in itself is questionable. GMA has appointed someone there in a public office -  an office that must be unbiased, impartial, and fair for all citizens. Even though he is a qualified person, with this position as high almost the same as 'God', even more powerful than the President, is being appointed immediately. Without any scrutiny from fellow law bar members, or consensus from any third party organization. Why?

Actually there are lots of answers, I do not want to be involved neither. We all knew the answers in our minds and hearts. What am I after is how can we solve this mess that the Judiciary is facing. Let us study what the Philippine Judiciary is about, IN AN ORDINARY FILIPINO'S PERSPECTIVE :

Supreme Court - if you keep losing on all your cases, your final bet is the supreme court. I am surprised that even small cases right now like compensation for employees against their employer reach to the supreme court! (check out the case of NIÑA JEWELRY MANUFACTURING OF METAL ARTS, INC. (otherwise known as NIÑA MANUFACTURINGAND METAL ARTS, INC.) and ELISEA B. ABELLA, G.R. No. 188169 on SC's website

I am not a lawyer or a judge here, but as a common person. This shows how long the justice system in the Philippines is taking. The case dragged from 2005 with the final decision posted on their website recently (promulgation was on 28 Nov. 2011).

Such a long process, what will the employees do for the rest of those 6 years? How can they eat and pay the bills? if they(employees) are guilty of theft, why they are not charged?

The SC must tackle big court cases only, not a simple employer/employee case which can be handled by the DOLE (another pathetic Phil. government organization).

So if you could just imagine a murder case like Nida Blanca, even the Vizconde Massacre, we don't know yet who is the killer? Where is he/she now? And how could our SC solve these cases? It would take many years for sure.

And if you want to fast track the decision - better have some grease-money to turn the gears of justice. The more the money, the better the chances the results will be in your favor.

(to be continued)

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