Friday, December 30, 2011

No more firecrackers please!!!

Some Filipinos are just plain stupid as they sell and buy those stupid firecrackers.

We almost got hit by a 'whistle bomb' years ago, courtesy of our neighbor.

The experience is quite traumatic as my mom almost had a heart attack that night.

Stop useless spending, pollution, and inconvenience to yourself and other people - 


Even our neighbors who were policemen in the early days are discharging their guns. Although they do it responsibly as they do it 'muzzle down', there are still some reports that some crazy policemen fire their guns in the air and don't care if someone got hit afterwards with their stray bullet.

I hope I can see them personally and put the guns on their mouths or their brains and let is splatter around like what happened in the Iraq war (sorry for those who are eating out there).

It is just nonsense tradition. There is no such bad spirits. Only bad people, and majority of them are working in the Philippine Government, sucking the tax payer's money. Remove those, and the Philippines will always have good luck. Didn't we notice that industrialized countries don't use firecrackers that much? When the new year comes they greet it with songs, hymns, they got drunk, they got laid. That is much better. Compared to losing a hand, an eye, or dying afterwards because of accidentally eating the dangerous ingredients of firecrackers.

Let us welcome 2012 with full of happiness & hope, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

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