Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 10 things Filipinos must do on 2012

Okay now this is  your plan. instead of politicking and bashing each other on the street and on the internet, these are the things that you have to do. I did this because I have to. It is not spoon feeding, but rather shoving it up in your assess. 

You may do it or not for all I care. But here is my guarantee, you will become a better individual if you have performed one, AT LEAST ONE of my suggestions here. Not only this will make you become a better Filipino, hopefully it will make you a better citizen of planet Earth:

# 10 - Have discipline in every way you do. Just putting the trash in the trash bin goes a long way. Try to fall in line if there is a cue, or just shut up if there is a church mass or someone is speaking.

#9 - Be well informed so that you will never get left behind. Although it is not necessarily 'news and showbiz' like the junk Philippine media is throwing at us (sometimes they are feeding us garbage anyway), just get the real news on both sides. I tell you, you will surely learn something. Being well informed about your family and your own environment is the best news you can ever get.

#8 - Love your parents. try to love them unconditionally. If they are not the ones to be loved (always gambling, womanizing, etc.) tell them to change their acts. So that you will not be like them in the future. I am sure, they will go teary eyed and love you for the advice. Sometimes we have to remind people and be firm about it so that they can change.

#7 - Be patient and just work hard - times are hard these days. Enough of the complaining, just go on with your work as long as possible. set aside pride for a while, just go and work. Do not mind your co workers or supervisor if he or she gives you problems. Just go on, punch the time card, and work. if there is too much, relax a little, and go back to it again. Or do something to remove your mind off from work but do not spend a lot. Try not to quit as long as you can. If you really can't bear it, go ahead and quit. The reason why that you have endure it as long as you can is because that times will be more harder in 2012. basic goods and gas prices will rise (what else is new anyway?). So hang on to your job for now.

#6 - Tell your family to be budget conscious - while you are slaving away at work,  your wife / husband and kids has the latest iPad and asks you for more money, screw them all and tell them to stop the fantasy. Tell them to practice modest living at all costs. Tell them how much you spend a week for electricity, gas, LPG, food, 'baon' (children's allowance), etc. etc. And tell them the salary you are getting. This is basic accounting which is used by major corporations around the world. Tell them to monitor what they are spending and what is to be received (that is debit and credit). Money is not abundant like the air we breathe (pollution is changing that now), try to budget and save some money for emergencies.

#5 - Study hard on how you can make more money - I remember the days when I was in elementary and th teacher gave me a poor mark on my computer lessons. I told my teacher, "what is the big deal with these computers anyway. Instead of buying them, I will buy food instead or if you can teach me on how to make money out of it, maybe I will listen to you more". They were surprised on hearing those statements, which is true up to this day. Try to study on the things that will help you make more money. A school that doesn't teach that is already a failure. I taught my students on recycling their papers and other stuff instead of throwing them and they are surprised on how much I got from it. (That is why the school janitor has a fat belly, he always have that whisky inside his locker).

Books and other learning materials are useless if these will not make you money in the future. So try to study hard, and think hard if this will give you benefit in the future.

#4 - Care for the environment - we have to plant more trees now and be vigilant about it. We have to clean our surroundings and ourselves. If we can charge each people of littering on the streets or putting them in jail. it will be much better. Or, let us put those people's faces in social media sites so that they will be ashamed and  will not litter anymore. Sometimes drastic measures are needed to produce drastic results especially on problems as basic as this one.

For illegal loggers, well this is easy. Kill them all including their families. Since they are raking up all the blessings of Mother Nature without proper consent, let them suffer the consequences. A man who is an illegal logger will surely pass his trade through his son and other families.

This is the best way to avoid the harrowing incident in Mindanao particularly Cagayan de Oro and Iligan where typhoon Sendong struck and produced flashfloods killing thousands of lives and animals and destroyed millions of pesos in property.

#3 - A complete overhaul in Philippine media (film and television) - let us not watch those episodes in Philippine TV which is full of controversy and blah blahs that turn our minds into empty cracked eggs. Some of our movies are like that too, where we just show anything just to get some money (as if we don't know that making a movie is a cheap process nowadays). The funny thing is, the relevant movies or the ones with good content are shown only in abroad or sent through movie awards. This gives the impression that we just watch junk Philippine movies and we only enjoy Hollywood films.

One good example to emulate is Bollywood. It is known that they produce a lot of movies, but all of these are shown on their own theaters only, only few are watched Internationally (although they are broadcast on various satellite channels). So what if they produce good or nonsense content. The fact is, the viewers are supporting it. And this improves their own film industry. They get new talents (actors/actresses) and improving creativity along the way. The main point here is, we must improve our own media by producing more value added content.

The only good media that where we can be informed & entertained intelligently is the radio. It is cheap and and information is transmitted faster, but that is deteriorating as we speak.

For short, just don't watch junk / unimportant shows and do something productive.

2# - Religion - to tell you the truth the Philippine Catholic Church has some lapses since the early days of Philippine history up to today. They are the ones who made us who we are today and now we may be enjoying it from the mean time, but we are suffering from it. They are always meddling with the affairs of the state, and that brings confusion.
They must know that we can practice any religion we want. Same goes for those die hard fanatics of INC, Dating Daan, and other weird religions that we have in the Phils. To tell you the truth, some of them are misleading the TRUTH about God. (I don't want any debates here guys and gals, lols). 

For now, whatever religion you have, my advise is to pray. Pray that we will be in good hands this coming New Year and succeeding years also. Whatever trials we are facing, we have to pray and do our best. As they say, pray, it works. If it doesn't work, at least you tried. As simple as that.

#1 - For number one - that is YOU. Since you have made it this far, it means you are interested on what I am saying here, and you have this urge on how to become a better individual. Just do what is right under the best circumstances and you will do just fine. If there is a mistake, correct it as soon as possible. This is what I have learned after studying and living on different countries around the world. And successful Filipinos also did the same thing, and now they are living happy and contented lives.

And thanks for reading this blog  as well some of my blogs here.

Whatever and wherever you are, I offer you my sincere 'pat in the back' if you're a guy. For gals,  a small peck on the cheek will do just fine.


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