Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My friend named Pot

(This story is dedicated to my special friend out there, wherever you are, have faith and do your best, I am always here, I did not leave you in anyway...)

(Note: Some of the bits and pieces are added , changed and omitted for the sake of literary wit.)

There are those moments where you get that feeling that you are so in love. Have you ever felt that? Butterflies are flying, the sun is shining when you see him or her? That is that 'moment.' it is like a drug that gives you a sense of fantasy and happiness, you will never let it go.

Unfortunately it did.

I met this cute and petite gal named Pot. She is a nurse. She is the sweetest nurse around and it will make you sing that old OPM tune "Okay, na sa akin kung ako'y dedbol na, basta't ikaw ang lagi kong kasama...." (Translation: It is okay if I die, as long as I am with you). And she became my girlfriend.
I was so proud of her and I even introduced her to my parents and sisters. They were so happy also that we were together. We played games like kids, told stories, accompanying her when she goes to duty at the hospital, and the good night kisses - that is what I like.

Then came Christmas , I gave her a gift. And she told me something that went my world upside down.

"I do not like you anymore, I met someone else"

That made me sad. So sad I have not eaten for weeks. There are somethings that we could not explain. Even Love is an unknown subject too, or maybe I was still young to understand.

I respected her decision and gave her my blessing.

Few months passed by, I was eating dinner, while our doorbell rang and I saw Pot. It was raining that night and I saw her, drenched, and with blood and bruises. To avoid further gossip from my own family, I told her that we will talk outside where we went to a small diner.

She told me that she was being beaten and abused.

I do not know how to react. I could still remember that she was firm and told me in the face that she did not like me. I also came to know that her husband is her childhood friend.

I tried to console her. I became bold, "let us go somewhere, If you have a passport, I can arrange a flight immediately outside where we can be married. I will process your annulment. If you want your husband to be killed, I can also make it look like an accident. Just do not go back there again, please.."

She declined my offer.

She kissed me gently, and held my hand. "You will make a fine husband. I love you so much. Now that I made a wrong decision, it is better to regret this for the rest of my life. Forgive me. I know you are angry because I dumped you. I did not know love that well, but you, you have earned it. And I respect you for that. Please let me go for now, hopefully this is temporary..."

Then again, that shock came to me, but seeing her, so sure of herself, it is "grace under fire" as what they call it, made me a believer. Everything seemed a fantasy and reality at the same time. Seeing her is the epitome of love that exists in the darkest boundaries of our hearts. To make it short, if she will tell me to jump from a building, maybe I will. But that did not happen as she love that son of a bitch guy who hits her like she is a punching bag.

Love and stupidity are almost in the same genre.

I did not see her again. I searched in every directory around the world, I just want her, to see her if she is okay...

Maybe I found her, she is inside my heart as of this moment.

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