Thursday, June 9, 2011

The End of the Republic of the Philippines

Owning the Philippines is quite hard. Typhoons love it especially. Every year typhoons come and go to my country, and man, I tell you. It is getting scarier every year. As it becomes more stronger and stronger. You remember typhoon 'Milenyo'? our windows were all shattered because of the strong winds.

I have studied a lot about early civilizations and anthropologists about the rise, prosperity and fall of civilization, I really tried to think hard how it can be applied to my country. I talked to some teams in Hardvard, did computer modeling at MIT, and research in Oxford, my studies are fascinating and downright scary. For the Philippines, you will be surprised, there is a chance. I will tell you why in a minute.

How? You can imagine how corrupt the government is. From the president down to its every rank and file government employee. You cannot blame them too as their salary is not that big enough to support themselves and their families.

The rising prices of oil is truly mind boggling. If the price of oil is high, everything becomes high as well. Other neighboring countries are not that high like Thailand, etc. they did something like oild price subsidies, and promotion of alternative fuels like ethanol and LPG. Their vehicles are converted as well. With this, their government offered rebates. You will lose greatly if you use traditional fuel to run your vehicle.

And large private corporations are to blame too. Well they give jobs to my countrymen that's ok. But the job is not secured. Contractualization is still there, and this gives problems to workers, they do not know if they will be fired tomorrow.

So you tell me, how come is there a chance. Here it is:
Agriculture is still the main source of living of my country. Don't worry, I always talk to the president or else I will give him a hard time, better yet, People Power 3. I give utmost priority to the farmers and give them land so that they can produce more food. And this also helps on the export business, creating good GDP values.

Second, you ever know of quickening? 'Quickening' the term implies is the putting the civilization on 'fast forward'. The country that is so advanced will face early destruction. If you have read the Bible, where God has been angry on this one city, he made a big flood to wash out those who don't believe in HIM. Well, my country Philippines is not like that, I even put it 'backward.'  But now that is changing.

Third. I am still here. it means I am still alive taking care of things. of course I own my country, I love it the way it is. there are some imperfections and all, well I am not perfect as well. For now, let us keep it the way it was, for now.

So don't worry my friend, there is no end to the Philippines. Even though lots of typhoons, earthquakes, eruptions, or any other natural calamities will come knocking - we can handle it.

Still worried about corruption though, time to check out my sniper scope and remove all those rats from my country.

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