Friday, June 10, 2011

Loving a Filipino Man

(to my Pinoy followers, thank you)

I have travelled around the world searching for a true woman. A perfect one that will love a Filipino man. It is quite mind boggling that women from different races love a Filipino man. Why is that?

First of all, they are so sweet. They will take care of a woman from head to toe. That is something that you will miss if the Pinoy man has gone out from a journey for quite sometime. Take note, I am talking about real love here. No hanky panky or anything like that. try it and you will see.

Second is responsibility. Kids are taken care and the house is neat. You will be surprised that they are good house-husbands. If the woman works, of course the Pinoy husband will take care of things.

Third is plan for the future. they plan accordingly what will happen for the next 3-5 or 10 years. planning is essential. Especially these days where anything is unpredictable.

So that is it. We are not the same like Japanese, Chinese, or any other Asian counterparts. We are Filipinos, and we take 'love' seriously.


One woman told me that Filipinos are narcissistic, it is based on the latest survey held recently.
Sadly, I agree on this. Gone are the days that a Filipino man must serve and take care of a woman.
Now, sheeesh, I have one room mate who always checks on the mirror every minute!

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