Thursday, June 9, 2011

Technology in the Philippine Setting

I am an avid fan of technology. I do love it when it reaches to those people who really need it the most. Tractors for farmers, Powerful computers for scientists, latest books and computers for schools, etc.

Filipinos are very resilient and easy to adapt to any technology. First of all they can read and comprehend English, which is written in manuals and instructions. Second is proper care and usage of the equipment. They ensure that it will last. Third is upgrade, they can upgrade almost anything. Even obsolete technology.

During my time, while I was learning about DDC and BMS, I have met the best technicians and engineers in the field here and abroad. There is one guy that doesn't have any wife yet. Because of his knowledge and skill, he was being offered very high salary that will surely make any HR scratch their heads. If I am an owner, well maybe I can give half of my salary, because this guy can plan, install, and manage all your automation needs in your building, plant, or company easily. He is not one of those who wear fancy suits and all, he looks like a regular Joe. I did not see him anymore, i wonder which building or company he will design again.

Filipinos also love old school tech, it is like nostalgia. There is a shop in Greenhills that they restore old Nokia 909 or those Motorola Startacs. They make it work on regular sim and you can send SMS also. Surely, it is a head turner. And if someone steals it, hit the thief with your old school cellphone right on his/her head. Pretty soon he/she will be dead!

But there is a problem. We are so fond of other technology, we forgot or lazy to make our own. We are dependent on China made products right now. Why cannot we make it - that is my question to some large corporate CEO's. Well what they say is "...your goverment is corrupt, try to do something about it. It is hard to put up a business in your country. Also the people want more salary, not like in other countries there are cheap labor."

I cannot answer back.

My father also told me, "if we can make our own engine, then our country will prosper."
So i shelled out some money and supported some of the brightest students of the country. I turned out to be that they are not that bright. They are lazy sons/daughters of bitches. Why in the hell we can't make one?

Then I came to know one student from a state university.

He made his own engine from scratch, started it and all. I was so impressed by what he did and told him why you did not tell this?

"Sir, wala po kasing gustong makinig at tumulong sa akin." (Nobody listened and helped me.)

I was crying too, because his wife and chilfren left him while he was doing his research and engine development. He was fired from his job because of this. It was so lucky that I saw him and he showed me his creation. it was made not just a work of art, but with flesh, blood, and time.

I gave him an immigrant VISA to Europe, where he was hired immediately by a well known car manufacturer through my connection. Right now he is enjoying his new life there.

If nobody listened and helped him, they do not deserve his help as well. As simple as that

This is one of the things I am thinking now. Maybe I should stop the entry of any foreign products. i dont know....there is more planning to do. Please help me if you can.

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