Saturday, June 11, 2011

My adventures at work

My adventures at work

You probably think that even though I own the Philippines does not necessarily mean I live an easy life.

My early ancestors (you can check from my previous blogs) had a good time and a rough one too. If you have a country that is a little messed up, probably you will not go easy on it. As lives are on the line.

I started work when I was 17, on a fast food chain. I got my social security and tax I.d. I was bussing left over food and hosted kiddie parties. It was a fantastic experience. I learned a lot from it.

My love of cars crept on me. How can I find a job that involves cars a lot? I had this crazy idea - in a gas station. Believe it folks I filled up every kind of vehicle with an engine there. Since gas prices in my country are always rising, customers can't help but complain to the gas pump attendants - the hell! As if we are the ones who are managing OPEC!

One lady customer got so angry that she wanted to remove the gas from her gas tank. Since I'm the supervisor, someone called me to solve it. I just smiled and didn't say anything. I reached out my credit card and paid for her gas.

The woman was impressed on how I dealt with the problem. We made love that night..

(To be continued)
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