Friday, April 29, 2011

Debt and God

So the Philippines is in debt. Why should I care? I could just go Switzerland or France, nevermind it right? Maybe I could sell it to the USA again. Well I have a new buyer too, China is there on the side. Just get my money and leave? What do you think?

Maybe not. Faith is on my side.

When I see my fellow Filipinos pray, they really pray. And if I am God, I can almost hear their prayers:

"Dear God, please remove me from my debt..."

It can be money, material, gratitude, or even life. Filipinos still have this attitude to try and repay their debt.

But there is a problem, some bad Filipinos too want their fellow Filipinos to continue the cycle-suffering on never ending debt. Remember the Phil. Central Bank Financial officer? I made life miserable for him. I made him suffer so bad that he will borrow money too and have a taste of his own medicine. He is willing to give his family together his beautiful daughters, just to reclaim his life back.

"Sir, if you do not have any money, all you have is your family. If you gave your family, might as well I kill you right now. You shameless pig..."

Stories of creditors and lenders still haunts me up to today. A lot has changed when you lend money to a person / corporation. But now, the change is not for the better in the Philippines:

* Government institutions like PAG IBIG are getting smarter, maybe more of a business than a proper trust fund that will help you. They will need some proof that you have already paid something before they give you the loan. That is why you applied a loan in the first place right? To pay something.

* GSIS / SSS - well they splurge on your money. If you retired, you will go through lots of processes before you get your retirement money. That is the money that you paid for, deducted from your paycheck every month. And if you need it, you can't use it immediately. Very sad indeed.

* Philippine Banks - Thanks to that filthy pig from the Phil. Central Bank, interest rates are up. You borrowed money but you are just paying for the interest only. And they will not agree on flexible terms of payment, they will just follow as per the contract, which can be amended easily. Furthermore, they will hire unprofessional employees who will call you anytime they want to ask for payment.

* Philippine Mentality - We are so accustomed with borrowing and putting interest. Some lenders do it to gain money, and we as borrowers like the idea so that the lender can lend some money. This attitude of lending/borrowing must be stopped. or else we will never get away from the burden of debt.

I can't stop it now, its already there, I was really frustrated on this financial set up. I am suffering too, as I am being called by the IMF and International leaders, to pay for their debts. It is so enormous. Oh God, maybe you sent me to save them. My fellow countrymen. We are saying the same prayers, please remove my beloved Philippines from debt.

Or just sell it to India, or make it as a loan like 5/6....

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