Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Speaking of raging hormones, I also have them. I am now a man, I hope so. If
you are in High School, and you are in the Philippines, everything can be done.
Especially in my case. (If you did not read the blog earlier, I own the
Philippines, I can do everything within a snap of my finger) I have maids that I
can contact and give me everything I want - (including sexual pleasure). I have
butlers on my side who will do the assignments for me. I tell them to put
mistakes on purpose, because my teachers will surely notice if I have
high/perfect scores.
As per my dad's instruction, I tried to study politics, statistics, engineering and sociology. I have
the best teachers here in abroad who gave me private lessons. At first they
thought I was a spoiled rich guy, but when they see my serious face and passion for reason.
They believed me. But they gave me a warning:
"Even though you got everything, you still cannot change your own country. It is the people
who make it work."
That I debated with them, with statistics and political discussion what can be done
for the Philippines, how to improve their quality of life. It is so hard and complex,
especially for a young man like me. I do not have that much experience/maturity.
I could feel that I am right and wrong at the same time.
Now I am incognito, I am a young man who owns my own country, but still goes to
a send rate private high school.
I went to this to school, which I did not enjoy. Some of my classmates are trying to be
the 'cool' guy and girls make assignments for them. I am included in the 'uncool'
group where some nerds, losers, and other school mates that are a butt of jokes.
but i do miss them as we supported each other in our own way.
I remember my crush before, her name is Nadja. She is the most beautiful girl
I have ever seen, a half Filipino half German gal, my heart beats fast when she
comes. I was her classmate earlier. I tried to give a small gift on her birthday.
A portrait of the Last Supper. I do not know where she put it, maybe she has thrown
it somewhere. Then there was this reject guy who want to court her, and she
accepts him. What a waste of beauty! That is the problem with some girls, they are
also complex beings in my opinion. Why go for a guy that they already knew
that they will just hit on 'em and go away? Then I went to statistics: the ratio
of women to men is 7:3 out of 10. But at least they must choose the good ones :)
When senior year came, some of my classmates bought their cars. I bought mine too,
it was a Suzuki Super Carry. I could have bought the Porsche or Merc but it is too obvious,
so i told my dad to buy it for me. He just gave me a blank cheque. I kinda like it. As I drove
with all the girls I could fit in and I am the only guy :) You cannot fit that much people
in an ordinary car.
As I mentioned, I did not enjoy High School. I have seen all the inconsistencies of
the education system, in a perspective. None of them taught anything valuable that
each student can perform to prepare them for the world out there. Maybe its a long time
ago. It is tradition. College hopefully becomes better.

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