Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Romance in communication

Love and romance is with us. From the early ages up to now, we are always full of love and waiting to be loved in return. That separates us from the animals. Love truly makes the world go 'round.
Even God himself is love. Well I won't talk about religion here, ill talk about how we communicate our love our special someone. It can be our parents, siblings, husbands, wives, teacher, close friend, relatives, bosses, co employees, we need to communicate even its far away right? So here is what I did, and I'm sure you did it too.
1. Letters - letters are the oldest forms of communication. I still do it. Some of my friends are laughing that if the recipient can still receive the letters. Mind you, they are the most sweetest form of conveying your love to your special someone. And if there is no electricity or if there is a super catastrophic virus that affects all computers, your letters are the only key in communication.
2. Phone call - we love to talk on the phone always. No need explaining here. Just keep your conversations short max. 3 mins, as emergency calls might come in.
3. Fax-fax or facsimile is still the best way to send information in black and white (office jargon for information printed on paper).every office must have one. It surely gives us a smile if your child will send you their drawings. Too bad fax machines are replaced by computers. Which is seen by the secretary first before it is sent to you.
4. Email - email is now the modern medium and being used always. But I find it boring, I just use it if I will give important information only.
5. SMS - short message service or texting is for me one of the best ways in communicating to your loved ones. Why? Because its fast, easy, secure, and has lots of features where u can spice up your messages. You can also do it on email but sms truly works wonders.
6. Someone telling the information - well this is far most the inexpensive way. Of giving information. Be sure its your trusted friend or someone that has a good memory. If you are still skeptical about the persons skill on delivering the information, just write it on a piece of paper and ask him/her to give it to the concerned person.
7. Blackberry Messaging - while I write this blog, I almost forgot that Blackberry messaging or BBM is the most effective means of communication to date. Fast, secure, lots of emoticons, really it has worked wonders. SMS is quite different from BBM, and Blackberry owners are winners on this new type of communication. if you don't have one, well try to borrow from a friend first before buying one. Better to buy 2 because the other half you must give to your loved one.
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