Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birthdays, Rainy Days and Mondays

Lots of problems in our lives. Bills, relatives, loved ones, society, it never ends. Then you noticed that it is your birthday. You are getting older and facing more problems. Is it fair?

That is life's greatest mysteries. Why should we become more depressed or sad being old? Getting older means you have to get happier. All those troubles must be set aside and delegated to the younger ones. They have youth, vigor, and raging hormones.

It will be my birthday soon. And yes I am one of those who is deeply troubled. No one greeted me. No one cared. But I am happy. As long as everyone goes on in their lives living day to day with the battles of existence, especially in my country Philippines.

In the Philippines, either you will be sad (a little) or be extremely happy, you will die surely of it. So choose wisely.

Nature, good food, entertainment, the people, so come one and come all.

I do know some tourists that they prefer neighboring countries like Thailand, Malaysia, even Vietnam. But some of them speaks fluent English. WE ALL ARE!

Right now I am managing my country elsewhere, surely I miss it. I miss the malls, the slow traffic, families with their kids, such a nice place to be.

But I have to sacrifice myself for others. I was born with this kind of fate and burden. I don't know where I will reach, just move on forward and let it be.

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  1. I will greet you on your birthday! :P

    I got your sms ar 2:16a. :)