Monday, August 29, 2011

Smile and everything will be alright...

There are lots of problems that we encounter, take it from me, I was born with it. Speaking figuratively, my foot tied to a chain, attached is the Philippine archipelago. All its beauty and filth, I have to take care.

Don't ask why it was attached to me, maybe the good question is how to get rid of it so that my rant would stop.

Its a responsibility I have to take care of.

Other people surely have sold it or just left it behind. That is normal. A person's persona is measured in the greatest of adversities. That shows how you cope up with extreme pressure, stress, critical decisions, dealing with failure. All of these are traits of a great leader.

I don't know if I am one, but for now as you can see, what my country has become, it is still surviving as I speak.

World war 2, rebuilding of manila, martial law, marcoses, People power, jobless filipinos, the asian financial crisis, coup de etat, people power 2, the maguindanao massacre, hosatge crisis in manila, even P-noy's hairdo, all of these are the responsibility of my family.

Now I am taking care, please pray for me.
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