Saturday, August 13, 2011

Love Conquers All (maybe some of them)

I was really upset when Mikey talked to me. He wants me to solve the problem regarding the helicopter deal.

"Problema mo yan Mikey, lusutan mo."  (It's your problem, solve it.)

"Di ko alam kung paano eh, teka sumasakit ang....." (I don't now how to, wait, i have some pain in my...."

I called the ambulance and they took him to the hospital.

It is quite obvious even to a elementary student - that we can tell a material or equipment if it is new or old.

As I said earlier, Filipinos love second hand items. But paying it like it is brand new is like ms. stupidity & mr. greedy in marriage.

I will stop for now before I get a heart attack and die much sooner than him.

Seeing Manila above the skies creates a different feeling. Feeling of home. Well of course as I lived there since I was born. But my foreign friends also love the islands and told me to stay a little bit longer.

I told them yes you can, but you have to pay the VISA extension fees.

Yes they willingly agreed.

Now if you are one of those Overseas Filipino Workers, who cheers when the plane lands at NAIA, yes I salute you. Your hard work overseas has paid off. Now is the time to love your family, as well as your country. Share the blessings that you have, either in money or skills learned.

Too bad some of the fellow OFW's didn't become successful. At least they tried. I know how hard it is nowadays. And it will become much worse in the future. If you have the opportunity, please leave and work again overseas.

One time I was in a plane, I saw this young beautiful lady who is very quiet in her seat while others are cheering on the successful landing.

"Miss what happened? it is okay tell me."

"My employer beat me up and I have no money to bring for my family."

She then showed me her bruises and wounds. I was so shocked that such a beautiful girl from Mindanao will do something to her maybe even the devil himself will not do. She was still shaking, that is when I hugged her, and she cried.

When we arrived, I called my assistant to book her a special flight to Mindanao and a special chartered limousine to her home. Then I told her family to provide all the details of her employment starting from the agency and up to the employer abroad.

Don't ask what I did next. Maybe you knew it already. You know me my friend. It is not about religion, revenge, justice, or anything.

It is love.


  1. Love and compassion for a fellow human being. Nothing beats that. :)