Friday, August 12, 2011

Why we Filipinos love second hand items? (conclusion)

Although I have met some Pinoys who have this 'pride' that they want to have brand new things in their possession, majority of them are also swayed if they something cheap but original items which they long for.

Because Philippines is a third-world-country. That is about it.

Instead of buying brand new items which is overpriced for profit, items can be bought or even traded or swapped. We have lots of original items from around the world. Just go to the pier in Manila Port and you will lots of items from underwear to heavy equipment machinery. It is a big bargain really.

But it makes Pinoys also lazy.

They cannot make their own items for now, they all depend on these items that already existed in the market.

One good example is rice.

Rice is a common Asian staple food. So rice imported from neighboring countries like Thailand, Vietnam comes to the Philippines, all hell will break loose as the farmers there who plants their own rice variety will suffer because of the competition. RICE IMPORTED FROM OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE THE SAME PRICE SOMETIMES LOWER THAN THAT IS PRODUCED FROM THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

No need to explain further.

I asked some farmers too, why you are not planting your crops anymore? The answer is simple - why should we work very hard while I can buy rice immediately and even sell it?

But you will not get good profit.

Low profit is better than toiling hard, planting, breaking your back farming, bet your ass you cant stay at the field for an hour.

I was silent.

Something needs to be done here. Globalization and Capitalization can be our ally, and yet it became our worst enemy.

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