Monday, August 29, 2011

Eating it Right, Loving it light.


Eating is one of those happiest things that we do in our lives. We eat with our family, with friends, we eat alone.
Eating is a habit. We do it at least once in a day. Rich or poor, whatever our standing in this place on Earth, we must eat to survive.

As for me, I also love to eat. I'm a chubby boy before, and in our custom, we must not leave any food on the table. What if that table is full of goodies you can imagine? Well surely you will gain weight.

I am not a sports enthusiast, I have played some basketball on the side, and have done some physical activities. But these are occasional only.

So the best technique that I can share now is to eat less. That is it. So if you eat something a plate full, cut it in half. If your tummy can still tolerate it, cut it on another half and drink lots of water.

Hope that helps.

I have this technique to avoid people as well. In our world, meeting people includes good food. You know the saying that "the food becomes good when someone is eating with you" is true. So better not to join them and I eat alone. That surely ruins my appetite.

Don't forget more veggies.

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