Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long Story Short

To all those who just read my story. I will make it short for you.

I own the Republic of the Philippines, and it is killing me day by day.

Thank you for letting me get it out of my chest.

Check my previous stories on how I got its ownership. It is a never ending struggle, my family suffered from generations. Now I am taking the whole burden, like Atlas who is carrying the whole world by himself.

What is the problem with my country? I tell you as below:

1. Rotten politics
2. Undisciplined people
3. Colonial mentality / globalized economy
4. Corrupt Government Officials
5. Destruction of Environment

Foreign investment is just temporary, they will just use Filipinos as 'cheap and docile' labor and leave. But Filipinos are not cheap anymore, they are going to China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.

We do not have a plan on how to improve. All we want is a good time. No stress also right?

Relax.... bring it all to me, i will try to solve the Philippine's problems somehow...

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