Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not with the 'IN' crowd

Have you ever felt that you are alone in this world? seems that everybody has its own path to take and they knew what to do and seem to be very busy about it.

I am the one that watches things from the back drop, or in the background. Just checking things and be sure they are alright.

i dont know, what are our purpose in this world? is it to create a world or destroy it? I have the Philippines on the palm of my hand. What shall I do about it?

Maybe sell it to China.

Let the US come again and suck out all its natural resources.

Let the Brits come and colonize it like India.

Japan should conquer it too, they almost done it before.

Being a filipino is like almost nothing nowadays. it is quite different when someone mentions you are an indian, malaysian, chinese, korean, even vietnamese. hell, some are even confused on how they decribe your nationality. India = Indian; Bangladesh = bangladeshi; Korea=korean; Japan = Japanese

Philippines = hmmm Philippians (like the Bible?); Philippini (semi Arabic?); Philipinesse (odd);

So the correct one is Filipino. But that is a term for 'male' citizens of the Philippines. For Philippine women they are called 'Filipina.'


I am the owner, I am the one that is having problems. Well, i dont wanna sweat on the small stuff. There are important matters to attend to.

This is a more neutral thing to mention if someone asks your citizenship: "Philippine citizen'

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