Sunday, July 7, 2013

Philippine traffic problem cannot be solved

I really hate to be such a critic, but let us be realistic. The traffic problem in the Philippines has been a nightmare since the late 1970's, how come the government didn't see it coming in the first place? Or, should we blame the government in the first place? What can we do about it? To avoid complications, especially on my health, I learned to accept that the problem with Philippine traffic cannot be solved in any means possible. Below are some of the reasons why:

1. There is no political will. Politicians are good in 'politcking' and not solving problems. Just good in talking without doing anything. All comfortable inside their SUV's without breaking a sweat while commuting. Worse, they use hired motorcycle riders that blurt out loud sirens.

2. Rich Filipinos (as well as other Asian people) are financially wealthy but lack intelligence and sense of compassion. To beat the odd-even vehicular reduction scheme by the MMDA, they buy 3-4 cars just to drive a car in every day of the week. We all know the logic why there is bad traffic, it is because there are lots of vehicles on the road.

Whatever happened to carpooling? A rich person who drives a large SUV does not give a ride to a mother with a newborn child who is waiting for a ride on a rainy day is certainly mind boggling (maybe they are afraid of the car-napping syndicates) Money seem to change the person throwing out morality and compassion down the drain.

3. There are no more innovators who are willing to spend time, money, or even professional advice to the traffic situation in the Philippines. Why would they bother anyway? What's in it for them? And if they really want to help, it goes back to number 1 where politicians don't have any political will to do it. Same old same old thing.

4. The Filipino driver also is to blame. They do not follow traffic rules and regulations, and the sad part of this, majority of these people are professional drivers, who always use the roads to their benefit. And some private drivers are just crazy on the wheel, worse, some of them are drunk while driving.

5. Pedestrians are also to blame. Some of them just walk like they are on the moon. Worse, they do not walk on prescribed pedestrian lanes, overpasses, underpasses, and sidewalks. And if they were hit, the driver is at fault. Why?

Overall, its in the culture. Since the economy of the Philippines is growing little by little, the traffic situation has been left behind. Everyone didn't mind it and don't want to prescribe something new.
Filipinos are not good innovators or inventors, they are know to just copy everything and check if it is right for the Philippine scenario.

The slow flow of traffic is already normal. I accepted that fact as we are a fledgling nation trying to keep up with the big leagues. Similar situation applies to countries who are in the same GDP as ours.

As for me. I already did my part. I sold all my cars and started commuting. I don't get stressed out anymore, I just relax and sleep while going to work. No more parking fees and annoying registration payments. I just ride and get off.

Sometimes simple solutions solve complex problems.

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