Sunday, September 22, 2013

Zamboanga conflict: The real story

Everyone is cursing the MILF, Nur Misuari, and praising the military for the conflict in Zamboanga. The media is also covering the conflict on both sides and also recording images of helpless civilians who are affected by this war. Yes it is a war - a war of misleading proportions.

First, it has mislead us from the true criminals, the Philippine politicians. Who are continuously stealing from the Filipinos hard earned money. Just imagine, before they get hold of their full salary, there are some deductions already. And those deductions are as below:

SSS - you will get this money if you retire or turned 60, but if your dead before you reach that age, the money where does it go? to them of course.

Philhealth - this is also misleading as hospitals still charge you for something, so much for affordable healthcare. And we are mature enough not to get sick always right?

BIR / Taxes - you want to know where your salary goes? to the squatters who dont have homes, and the government built them a home from your goddamn money that you earned from your blood, sweat, and tears! Maybe we should become a squatter too, so that we can get free housing. Ask those staff or employees from Makati if they have their own houses. A lot of them are just renting or staying with relatives! Isn't it unfair? And the bad thing, the taxes goes to public officials, who are lazy, incompetent, or just downright sleazy and criminals who steal money.

And what does my salary have to do with Zamboanga conflict? it is because your salary is also funding the war! This is just to remove our attention to the pork barrel scam. And to make both sides richer by getting publicity. All are just coordinated entertainment.

People from Zamboanga are the real victims here. Not just from the war, but in many years to come. It has been known that the government is trying to encroach on them, stealing their homes and livelihood. Zamboanga and other parts of Mindanao is well known as the food basket of the Philippines. And everybody wants a piece of it. Small tribes are really against it, and some hard-line Muslim clerics.
That is why they curse the politicians, who are mostly Christians, who came from well off educated families, who does not have any decency, humanity, or respect always goes to Mindanao making businesses, therefore ruining farms and livelihood.

Now, who is the real criminal? Who is the real cause of the conflict?

I think I have to blame myself for this, as I let it happen anyway.

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