Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The kids aren't alright

I have witnessed a surreal moment yesterday...like the ones featured in "Amazing Videos." The difference is, its live, and in front of our faces.

We have seen an actual police chase, and the vehicle being chased are trying to get away even though there are no more rubber on their tires. Police slammed their cars onto the vehicle to stop it from escaping further.

And the passenger came out, he is just a kid, around 14-15 years old. And the driver, is still hesitant to come out, looks like on the same age group.

Everyday we see kids doing these bad deeds. Is it the medias fault? Is it drugs? Why should they have to do this creating a lot of disturbance and causing inconvenience to other's lives and property?

In the early days of civilization, man has taught his children to prepare for their future. Feeding themselves by hunting and growing plants. The son hunts altogether with his father, and the daughters are with their moms taking care of their husbands and doing household work. All has been fine and easy in the early days.

Money and Technology changed that. And soon the roles of man has been ever complex and confusing. This leaves the children confused and idle, thereby letting them think of getting some attention for themselves. Like what I have seen yesterday.

There is no perfect environment for our children. This is the most scary part. How can we be assured of their success in the future?

I think, we must follow the footsteps of our ancestors. They have done the most basic thing to their offspring in order to be successful, by learning to survive at an early stage.

We cared for our children too much. We live in a system that complicates things for us.

Let us keep it simple. The important aspects of raising our offspring is through exploration, survival, and to prepare for the future and pass it on through the next generation.

If we do this, our kids will surely be alright.

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