Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do we really know what 'WANT' is?

ShowMe, Missouri: "Do the people of North Korea want this "leader"?

Paulo, San Francisco: "Do they know what "want" is?"

What insightful comments! Do the people of the United want their "leaders"? Do WE know what "want" is?

Thanks for contributing to this wonderful exchanges of "ideas".

Comment by Jon Davis, taken from the article:

"To Sell a New Leader, North Korea Finds a Mirror Is Handy"


I was amused by the comment above while reading the NY Times on my tablet. I have been pondering about its deeper meaning ever since - and how it can guide me on managing the Philippines.

It is true. That Filipinos elect their leaders. It is democratic, free, a government chosen by the people. But how come we are not benefiting from it?

The Philippine economy is still in the doldrums. It will take a lot of time for it to grow. And investors are really not in the mood to invest in here. I tried my best, went around the world, but so far, none came. Especially right now in the news that two Dutch nationals were kidnapped. I am sure the foreign community is not having 'fun' when kidnappers are lurking around the Philippines.

We do not want this right? But there is another question...

Do we really know what 'want' is? Or more specifically,

Do we really know what we 'WANT'?

We can say prosperity, no crimes, good governance, but the problem is, we are not doing anything about it.

I am stuck here. The sentence is really ominous. I do not know what I want. What can I do to make the Philippines go on, be better than the rest?

My phone rang:

Me: Hello

Pnoy: Hi, nabasa mo ba ang news?

Me: Saan? About what? 

Pnoy: You know, about me and.... Grace.

Me: Mr. President, wala ako time diyan sa mga pa-epek mo. You know that I am busy trying to invite more investors to our country. 

Pnoy: Ah, I see. Sino sino na ba naimbitehan mo?

Me: Mga mining companies karamihan. Gusto sana nila dito eh kaso problema sa siguridad ang inaalala nila. 

Pnoy: Huwag na yan, sisirain lang nila ang kalikasan.

Me: We do not have a choice for now. Bababa ang GDP natin this 2012, alam mo naman na di na tayo pwede makabawi sa Agriculture at Manufacturing, gusto mo ba gatasan na naman ang mga OFW's natin?

Pnoy: I don't know...


Pnoy: Huh?

Me: (hang up).

No wonder Shalani broke up with him.

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