Sunday, January 29, 2012

If you are pressured on your job, will you commit suicide?

My title is quite morbid. And for sure we are not that stupid enough to say 'YES.'

But if you are in China, and you work on a 12 hour shift assembling a part that makes the iPhone or iPad at Foxconn, chances are, you might say 'YES', and a sad truth, employees really commit suicide because of extreme military style of management. And if you are still alive, for sure, your hands will be shaking - suffering from the worst Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ever known in medical history. That is due to repetition - you assemble the parts many times over and over again.

While some say it is inhumane, others point out that it is the only way to beat poverty. Where people can earn a descent living instead of farming. A few dollars is much better than nothing. Especially in Third World countries, this is the trend: sweatshops, cheap and docile labor, mass production, contractualization, those are the key to success for poor countries.

I don't know...

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