Monday, January 9, 2012

It's more fun in the Philippines - Really?

I won't go into details about the new tourist slogan of the Philippines. I have to say it outright...

It is not good.

I don't want to trivialize it more that "it is sooo badddd" or "copycat" like other netizens out there, but as a pure ordinary Filipino, who works on an 8 hour shift, we want something to be proud of. 

And this is not it.

We have the brains already, why can't we think of something original? or better yet, simple enough. After all, if we improve our airports. lower the terminal fees and other taxes, heighten the security and welfare of the tourists, they will come automatically. And no need for a catchy slogan or continuous editing of photos at Adobe Photoshop.

And for the tourists out there. Be careful when you travel to our country. Kidnappings are still there and lots of pickpockets / thieves who will steal your mobile phones / wallets.

On the good side, yes those airport terminal fees are a pain (and the bad airport, just do not look at it), but some of our famous tourist spots are still famous up to this date. And the fees are quite affordable. Almost everyone can speak English fluently, you will never have any problems regarding communication, unlike in other countries.

I myself have been a tourist in my home country, to tell you frankly, I am treated the same like I am a foreigner, even though I speak the national language which is Filipino! 

In the end, it is the tourist's choice whether he or she will come or not. Whatever those slogans or advertisements given, as long as the safety of the tourists are not taken cared of, it will never be fun in the Philippines.

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