Saturday, January 28, 2012

Commercialization of weight loss

I have a friend who is quite pretty, but fat (can't think of any good words, so let us be blunt, no offense).

I am also fat on the stomach, my belly is protruding, and everyone thinks like I am a married man. And sometimes, we associate fatness of being pregnant, got married, had a child, and any other things associated with your marriage.

In short: 
fat = marriage = family

Well its a misconception. I have seen fat kids too, teens and adults who are still single, but still fat. But do not worry, Filipinos are not that fat really. But now, it is changing. Everyone seems to be getting bulkier, fatter, and unhealthy. Myself included.

And now, a lot of junk products are on the market filling our closets and medicine cabinets. And these manufacturers, pharmacies, even food companies always give empty promises that we will be healthy and avoid fat. But all are just lies.

You see these junk from the malls, and some slim sexy women and muscular guys approach you and tell them to buy these from you. Some might actually invite you on their fitness center, where you pay them just to lose weight, isn't it a little odd? If we want to exercise, we could have just cleaned the car, do the laundry, or clean our house.

My father said that: "Losing weight is easy, you will save money actually by not eating too much and doing all the chores without the paying the housekeeper."

He is right.

I have this small story, that I applied at one company, but i was rejected because of fast heart rate (tachycardia). I told that I have checked with my cardiologists that I am perfectly fine, I am not nervous or anything. Really, I was almost hired, but was not accepted because of that condition.

And another company I applied wants to get easy money, as they are in cohorts with the medical testing companies. When my initial medical report came, my mentioned heart rate is very high that I have to undergo ECG. Then they told that I have to seek a specialist. That is no problem, I can go to the Philippine Heart Center. They know everything about our hearts right? They refused. They told that they have this doctor they know and I should come to him only. WTF! And when I arrived to the particular doctor, he asked immediately a fee of PHP 500 without even looking at my medical report and ECG results.

People look down on fat people. Yes there is discrimination. People always tease you that you are fat. And that makes fat people more rebellious, they eat more.

If you have watched the movie "Supersize Me," the students at a supposed to be aggressive and undisciplined high school came out calm, orderly,and getting good grades because of one thing they have changed - their diet. They are getting organic, fresh foods, vegetables, and home cooked meals.

Here is another inconvenient truth, fresh food and vegetables are expensive and hard to prepare.

That leads to my conclusion that weight loss is commercialized. It is easy for governments and private companies to make us more fat, get sick, and purchase more of these exercise junk, weight loss medicines, or fancy gyms / exercise studios.

The choice is yours if you want to get fat, or get even.

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