Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Monopoly of Electricity in the Philippines

This is an important blog I want to address. I believe we have to know this, and take actions right NOW. or else, these powerful companies will continue to suck our hard earned money 'till we become lifeless ghouls.

My inspiration for this came from Michael Moore's documentaries. If he can read this, I hope he can help me make it into a film.

My blog, article, or rant is simple - Why does the Philippines have high electricity bills? It has been known that we have the highest power rates in Asia. Unless everyone wants to prove that theirs is more expensive, prove it, and show the bill receipt, your electrical appliances inside
 your home, and how you use it. I welcome comments from other countries as well. Let us compare electricity bills and let us check which one is the cheapest out there on this date.

I also want to interview, advise, or the comments of Professional Electrical Engineers, electricians, technicians, Accountants, and of course, ordinary consumers like you and me. Let us really check on this high power rates which gives us high blood pressure everytime we see the bills. Worse, foreign investors don't want to invest in our country because of high power rates.

We all know that MERALCO distributes the power through the entire metropolis in Manila and on its other nearby areas. And they are always blamed for the high rates. Technically yes because they are the ones who are doing the billing and computations. But they have this one good reason which is quite hard to refute - they are just buying the electricity from major power providers, particularly by the National Transmission Company. In short, they are just distributors. Or is it? Because of this 'bloated democracy', we are suffering, our pockets and wallets are always 'dried up' every time we pay the electric bills. Who is it to blame? Can we do something about it?

I am sure you cannot wise crack like "don't use electricity, period" Having electricity is considered a necessity. We can work and play. It makes our lives better, and actually, some make a living from it. As an ordinary individual and same goes for large corporations.

Enlighten me. I ask each and everyone to speak out. If Meralco can see my blog, the better. Let them explain and convince us why do they have to charge us high power rates.

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