Thursday, January 19, 2012

A simple Indian family lesson

I think we could learn something from India. It is about close family ties. Let me share you this:

Before they marry someone, it is all being checked by the family of both parties, that is, the parents of future bride and groom. A dowry still exists on some parts, and surprisingly, some of it is the opposite: meaning the bride's family may give something, a gift for the groom. This is not done these days, but there are some parts of India who still practice it. (There are reports that some husbands kill their wives after they got the gift. But that is another story).

Back to our blog. The main thing here is, both families must agree on the marriage. If there are any problems, the couples, either one of them are regarded as an outcast.

Marriage is not only an affirmation of love between the couple, between God and Law, it is also the merging of two families. If they have a child and each of the family has doubts on their marriage, the couples' life will not be happy in the long run.

I noticed in the Philippines, Filipinos are not doing this at all. They just make a child and pray that things will get better for both families. They are thinking that a child may serve as their 'salvation' for the merging of both families. I don't know about you but that is a product of watching too many telenovelas and immaturity in the Philippines.

It is not actually so called 'Arranged Marriage' like most of the people think of, although it existed in India before. Times are changing, and yes they may love someone with the man or woman whom they have chosen. Provided that they have a go signal or the blessing of their parents - of both parties - all will be fine.

The reason why I have mentioned this, it is because the family is the basic structure of any person. It is the basic foundation, a connection, before a wider social circle. If you have a good family with a good solid foundation, the couple will have a good life and their children will be able to succeed in the society much quicker than those couples who have dysfunctional families.

Think about it. What are we right now? Are we able to succeed whatever family background we have?

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  1. This is totally true..we all should put our thoughts on the deeper meaning of family.