Saturday, September 24, 2011

Avoiding sickness and taking care of your body

I am not feeling well.

I went to a hospital and the doctor gave some antibiotics to me and he told me to rest.

That I did and I felt better.

Being sick is the worst thing that can happen to a human being. Imagine other organisms are 'eating away' your immune system, until you cannot function well and die. Medical science has made great strides as well as mistakes - either we are cured or murdered inch by inch.

Study your body for a minute, look in front of the mirror. Check any peculiar marks. What I have right now is dandruff, and some small skin lesions. That is normal if you are under stress like me.  I have a small beer belly, that I am trying to remove by diet and exercise.

Some people who have some money go to a hospital or clinic. By all means do it while you still can. Maintaining good health is the hard part. After getting well, surely, you will go back to your habit again. Overwork, stress, smoking, eating too much, booze, or drugs...

Your body is like a punching bag by diseases if you continue this kind of unhealthy lifestyle.

So far I do not care on what you do to your body, but I am worried about the environment you are living on. Simply put, if you are not taking care of your body in a satisfactory way, then you are a 'disease' waiting to burst and explode with all those contaminated spores contaminating the air, and will infect another human being.

In the early days, if you are not taking of yourself well, if you have a certain disease. You are killed, instantly. Sometimes they quarantine you, but some people will think of a fast way to end their misery.

Thank God Filipinos are somewhat clean. Some of my foreign guests are telling me that even homeless or poor people take a bath regularly. But the problem is their homes. Even though you take a bath 5 times a day, your home is filthy and reeking of garbage water. It is useless.

(to be continued...)

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