Monday, September 19, 2011

A simple life changing idea

We all have ideas in our minds. Some big, some small, some are underway, some are still being implemented.

I have tons of ideas in my mind right now that you ever imagined. Maybe it is in my nature. Some of my ideas are so important that I have to keep it a secret - as someone might take it and claim it for themselves.

Clever ideas just don't light up our heads like a light bulb. These ideas must be able to hope you and others as well. An idea that will be useful for the whole community is one heck of an idea.

Never mind if the idea is a success or a failure. Some people measure the idea by their success, which is not so.

Ideas are also demographic, mainly it is applicable in some areas only.

Ideas take time, effort and resources. I cannot see any idea that doesn't involve these.

Ideas influence other people to make adjustments to the main idea.

Having said, maybe we should think idealistically how our ideas will work for us and for the improvement of the quality of life - that is the idea that others cannot think of.

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