Saturday, September 24, 2011

What do I have to do to improve my country? (continued 2)

Battling poverty in the Philippines I think will be a 'Pyrrhic Victory.'

Look at other Asian countries like Vietnam, Japan, Korea, they have these great wars, many of their citizens died. This great loss, prompted them to get back on their feet on their own, and became more industrialized and politically stable.

All success comes with a cost.

People Power is nothing short of a Philippine failure, 'too much kindness.' It is about time someone must wake up.   I am fed up with it, seeing that boy earlier that I helped. Hell, there is more, selling sampaguitas, sniffing glue, prostitution, a child who quickly lost its innocence, is totally not acceptable.

The greatest thief, is someone who steals the playtime of a child.

During my work stint abroad, my friend told me that if the Philippines were in a state of civil war, where would I be. I told him that, I will go back to the Philippines, I want to take care of my family.

He told that I am stupid. Why would you go there, they probably died already and looted all your belongings by the military or looters. Transportation will be a mess, everything will be in chaos.

He is correct. Still I tried to reason out, I will still come back, I have to, I really do. But all things will be put to halt there. And military intervention from the US will surely be there to maintain peace and order.

He does not know that I have to come back to know the state of my country. You know, If you had a car accident, you will check your car, what is the damage, etc. Same thing there.

That is the only way for now. Look at what is happening to Mindanao, they still cannot get full control of it. Why? Because it is the food basket of the nation. I always tell the president to avoid any conflicts or skirmishes there. They don't know that the food they eat comes from there.

A man hungry for power does not know what real hunger means.

So again. let me conclude this, we will never beat poverty because we are 'too kind.'

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