Thursday, September 8, 2011

One quickie night with Paris

Okay first of all, its just a title.

When Paris came to the Philippines, my secretary called her immediately for an appointment. She was so excited to meet me in person as told by my cheeky secretary.

"Sir, bagay kayo! sana marami kayong maging anak, akin yung may blue eyes."

"Hoy, Ms. ^)^)((*%%$%$  tigilan mo kakapanood ng telenovela ang magtrabaho ka dyan"

"Sir, you belong to each other, hope you will have lots of babies, I want the one with blue eyes."

Hey Ms. ^)^)((*%%$%$, stop watching those telenovelas and get back to work.")

As usual she arrived late. Quite normal for a celebrity like her. But I do know the reason as she met MP with her wife earlier, and she just squeezed some time for me. Sweet indeed.

"Treat it like a quickie."

I laughed at that moment. Yes Paris. is sweet and friendly. While we were talking, I noticed a lot of people noticed us and starting to crowd. I informed security already but some can go past through. Paris was a little concerned, so I held her hand and told her to calm down. I called one of my trusted valet parkers at the hotel and told to bring one of my 'emergency cars' to the special getaway point. When I saw the car, I told her to hold my hand and never let go. So we raced immediately to the car and now fans are screaming with flashing camera lights from paparazzis.

She was impressed that  I could drive on this chaotic traffic. it was EDSA on rush hour, and I told her its normal, especially for third world countries like us. She pinched me at the cheek and told that its okay. During  the long traffic, she talked about her business ventures and all, that she is planning to open a new clothing line and a resort. She talked about her friends in NY, and her business in other countries. And of course her party adventures around the globe.

I told her I was hungry and will go through a drive through at McDonalds. She loved the idea and told she will order for me. She ordered the Big Mac Meal for me (my favorite) and she ordered an Apple pie for herself, but she told the clerk "make it fast."

Upon payment, yes the items were delivered on time, and I told Paris to thank personally the cashier, when I brought down the window and they saw Paris, they went crazy.

We drove till we reached MOA and parked my car. We had a small chat on relationships. I told Paris that we are not getting any younger. You are beautiful and successful, you should have someone now and 'produce' a new heir or heiress. She laughed and told that there is so many things to be done on her career.

"Let me enjoy it."

And when she asked the same to me, I told, there are lots of problems to take care of here, let me solve it.

She kissed me at the cheek.

"Make it fast tiger, you don't know it but someone's waiting."

I looked at her blue eyes, and smiled.

Then her publicist called and told a limousine is waiting for her nearby. She was told to rest for the inauguration of the resort. I accompanied her to her limo and gave her a a gift, two new iphones. She laughed again and told that she will return if her schedule is free.

So that's it. A great gal indeed. I do not mind what it is written against her, as I know her publicist is one of the best ones out there for making someone famous even more famous.

Which I do not want.

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