Monday, September 26, 2011

Avoiding sickness and taking care of your body (continued)

The main problem with the Philippine medical system is the commercialization of the medical profession.

Everything must have a price. Gone are the days that they will give you proper TLC to be healthy. Now, being healthy is equivalent to having money.

Let us be aware that if someone is in the medical profession, he/she must practice it and appropriate support must be given. If I am a nurse, I will practice my profession even outside hospital premises. provided I must be compensated as well.

The knowledge and skills that I earned must be shared to the family and community. Especially in regards to health.

So if I see something that is unhealthy, I will advise others to clean it as per my supervision. Why cannot we do that?

Now I tell you, there are lots of doctors and nurses who do not have jobs here in the Philippines. Some are working with low salary, and some are working for free!

That is complete BS!

I failed on this one folks, I will do my best to give our doctors and nurses a high paying job. Let them have jobs whether in local or abroad. it is their job to take care of someone who sick, so if they are idle, what they have learned will be useless.

Remember, health is WEALTH!

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