Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to remove sadness instantly

I have been reviewing some of the Philippine news lately.

Nothing to write about. Full of bickering and bad mouthing anonymously on the internet. even the reporters themselves are incompetent. My elementary students can write more honest reports than these guys who graduated from college.

News is there, bad, worst, negativity, shame, scandals, depression...

There are times we should let it go.

Go to a place that is quiet, serene, only you.

Watch the birds fly, swaying of the trees with the wind. Relax for a bit.

And shout these phrases:

"Pu*%*%^*(&)(^()_)((   MOOOOO AYAW KO NA SA IYO!"

(Translation: F*ck you I don't want you anymore!)

I am sure that negativity will be absorbed by the serene nature you are viewing right now.

You can cry all you want, let it go.

Repeat many times as you like.

tell me your reactions

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