Saturday, September 3, 2011

Do a random act of kindness (with a Japanese folktale)

I listened to some relaxing meditating music yesterday evening.

This is to remove my stress, my anger, my depression, and my pain.

In this society full of greed, hatred and uncertainty. We must be able to withstand these negative forces.

On my side, this is what I did. I give something without anything in return.

Be it love, money, assets. Giving is something very hard to do these days. And yet we do not do it. Why is that?
Let it be, that the person who receive squander the money or break our hearts with their hearts content.
In the end of the day, who is the one who is in need?

There was once this rich man, who is very kind. Everything he has he always give it to those who asks.

Mister can I have your coat?
Mister I need money.
Mister I need some shoes.
Sir, I need clothes.

Yes you can take them.

All what is left is his head.

Now the man is so kind he was all naked. Then he went to the forest with all the wild animals. They were hungry. So the wild animals asked if they can eat a part of his body.

Can I eat your arms?
Can I eat your legs?
Can i eat your torso?
Can I eat your eyes?

Yes you can eat them.

Now the wild animal who ate the eyes of the man said something:

"Here is my gift for you for your kindness, here's my thank you letter....."

"FOOL" (written on the letter)

The man was so happy, as someone gave him a letter to thank him, but he cannot see what it is written.

He was left all alone in the forest and died immediately.

The end.

So who lost here? who has given happiness to others? was the man wrong in this regard?

try to contemplate about it.

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