Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do not trust your fellow countrymen (cont.2)

It is really sick that my fellow countrymen (Filipinos) are so into 'crab mentality.'

If you don't know what crab mentality is, its simple. Imagine yourself a crab who wants to go out of the fisherman's net. While other crabs are leading the on the top, you pull them down so that you can be on top.


Other nationalities don't usually practice this. Maybe some of them. But not Filipinos. They are the worst ever.

Okay forgive me, but nowadays, let us be careful. Even our relatives will do it to us. Such a shame which we have to do this to survive. But then again, my country is a poor one. And they accepted it being poor. Nothing can be done for now.

It is ok to be down and let others go up.....for now.

Because when the time has come that I am on top (well I'm always on top), I will never lend a hand to those who are down.

Be thankful I have a soft heart.

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