Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What do I have to do to improve my country? (continued..)

So I healed the boy's parents for P100 and for 5 hours of my time. While you guys wasted a month or a year studying all this crap in front of me wasting paper, electricity, and money without helping a single person yet?

What a complete BS.

This is not a Pay it Forward scheme like in the movie. This is a more realistic scenario, just help someone, by devoting some money and effort, and make that person help another person, replicating or increasing the favor done to him.

The story of a the Good Samaritan in the Bible is nothing short of an incomplete story.

We human beings are forgetting the 'sense of gratitude.' Someone helped us, in our own way we must help someone too. Consider it an obligation, not a sense of kindness.

As part of the society, we must learn to help each other continuously, so that we can prosper.

In the Philippines, it does not work that way. Everyone is selfish. Now that is the challenge I tell you, can you do what I did just now? Devoting my own money and time in an instant. I didn't give money to UNICEF (Although I gave them too in the early days) or some charitable institution, because the help will surely not reach in time.

Too much planning will ruin everything. Time is running, a person is starving right now.

On this age of technology, sending money is also fast. Why human beings are thinking slower, isn't it because when we press the button the computer will think for us? How fast can we press or click that button is still up to us.

(continued 2...)

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