Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What do I have to do to improve my country?

It is a simple question, but a hard one.

We all have problems, big, small, complicated, simple. And we have to solve it, either quickly or in a certain time.

Problems come and go.

I asked professionals, businessmen, scientists, engineers, educators, doctors, those who have spent their lives studying and crunching numbers...

What can I do to improve our country?

They gave me plans, presented it to me, some reports, feasibility studies so thick I am not able to read it.

Why should I believe them where they are not checking outside?

So that is what I did.

I saw a boy, with rugby stuck on his nose, I have my trusty camcorder with me, and recorded it.

Why do you have to do this? I asked the boy.

He just smiled and told me, "My parents are sick, I do this to buy medicine."

Simple, logical, and effective. As Albert Einstein said, "It takes a genius to see the obvious."
If there is no money, try to work for it, either you beg or whatever, just do it.

Then I told those professionals:

Gentlemen, your education is impressive, and you have presented me these reports and all, I will show you what I did...

I saw this boy outside, begging for money, on the streets of Manila where vehicles travel fast. He already inhaled the polluted city smoke for more than a month now. He did not take a bath and he stink a lot.
I asked him why he did it, he told the money will be used to buy medicine for his parents.

You may have thought just give the boy some money right? Just imagine, how can a small boy explain to the pharmacist what kind of medicine I need for my parents? What if he buys a wrong one? The money that I have given is wasted.

To make it short, I told him to take me into their home, so that I can see his parents condition myself. When I saw them both, they are in bed, both are sick with high fever.

Without intervention from my assistants, I bought some fruits, soup and medicines to make their fever drop. And some extra medicines were also given by the pharmacist to counter all possible sickness the couple will have.

All these I have done myself. The cost incurred is P100 + 5 hours of my time.

After they felt a little better, they asked me who I am. I told them this:
"Now your condition has improved, all of this is a test. everything is. Now you can go to work and do the same thing that I did to other people. I spent P100 to you both and gave my time also. Try to duplicate that or beat it.

They were stunned to hear me said that.

(to be continued..)

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